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We are proud to announce that we're now ipv6 ready. We've implemented full ipv6 accessability to all core services running on our network. Wan and Lan wise. Meaning our web, dns and mailservers are now running dual stack. Under a period of time accessable via both ipv4 and ipv6. So, please enjoy...  

Yes, this page is a just a temporary page for experimentation, but please, do use the provided free tools for testing your own ipv6 connectivity. On the menue to the left, you'll find our free online whois tool and a tool for finding the correct Abuse Contact address for a given domain. Just type in the IPv6 address you want to query for.

If you are conncted via ipv4 or ipv6 will show in the below app. For extended info, click on the shown ip address, and you'll be taken to the RIPE website.

IPv6 Certification Badge for thorshammare

Running NGINX