FreeBSD 11.2 Apache24 Let’s Encrypt

How to add let's encrypt free ssl certificate to your FreeBSD Apache system. TLS/SSL certificates are used by Apache web server to encrypt the communication between end nodes, or more ordinary between the server and client in order to provide security. Let’s Encrypt provides certbot command line utility, which is an application that can facilitate the way you [...]

FreeBSD 11.2 Apache24 Vhosts GZip

How to configure your Apache24 webserver with vhosts and gzip compression.On FreeBSD 11.2, fresh Apache24 install, the folder /usr/local/etc/apache24/Includesare enabled by default. Meaning, the apache-server automatically read all files in that folder ending by *.conf on boot or reboot. This makes it very easy for us to enable virtual hosts.For the GZIP part, we're going to [...]

FreeBSD 11.2 FAMP Install

FreeBSD+Apache+Mysql+PHP=TRUE I won't go any closer in to the installation of the FreeBSD base system, as it's already so well described at the FreeBSD website.Though, just want to mention that during the install of the OS, being a bit paranoid, I prefer to activate the firewall, PF, before the first boot. At the end of the [...]